In Communication, Organizational Communication - Assignment on February 28, 2012 at 11:48 pm

Confused, bewildered i listen attentively as my lecturer explained the difference between Independence and  Interdependence.  Not quite sure what to make of it i decided to research, investigate and come to the bottom of it.

Do you wanna know what i found out!? Well not much except that Interdependence is a higher state of being, are what we would say is a form of independence. Who knew! Not me, maybe because my first encounter with the word interdependence was when my boss mentioned it when she tried to give me a lower grade for my internal assessment last month. Not totally defeated i hardly paid the word any attention.

However, by now we all have dance and sing aggressively to the beat of the Destiny’s child song “Independent Women”  and maybe have come to the conclusion that if you can buy it, easily afford it with your own money, you are simply  independent.  Although true to some extend, this notion from my understanding is not always accurate.

However, let’s get back  to  my lecturer Gerry McDonald, according to Gerry ” both words are completely different just like you and I”.

Interdependence simply put is having a greater dependence on something or someone… i know what you think…. most women are interdependence on men for love care and probably finances… but that’s not the context that i want it to be used in.

Companies are highly  interdependence on customers, and departments are interdependent on departments to survive adequately within  a business environment or context.

In organizational communication  “interdependence” is a part of an organizational system components that is made up of people and departments that make up the organization. The notion of interdependence  implies that the functioning of one component of a system relies on other parts of the system.


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