In Communication, Organizational Communication - Assignment on March 2, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Communicating with you has always been a challenge, not only don’t you listen but you never mange to hear exactly what i intended to say, in my silent mind as I speak you cringe your face, your body, tentatively telling me all I need to know and more, so I will just simplify your life and walk towards an open door.

I heard you scream at least I thought I did, it wasn’t you it was me, communicating with you shouldn’t be this hard I shouldn’t be pulling teeth just to get you to acknowledge me you bastard

I want Communication with you to make progress where I the sender get feedback from you the receiver, in the process.

I am not complete because we didn’t meet not even in the middle to realize that the technique we’re using is causing a struggle.

It’s wrong, sooo wrong But don’t you see I want it to be right, baby is it ever gonna be alright?. You ignore me, you blink , I saw you wishing you were anywhere except here, that’s okay, just know I speak only for the reason that I care, It doesn’t mean you should hate me and wish to disappear.

You complain constantly, my thoughts are never mind, you want them to be yours. I answered with a smile and then I jeered “yes dear! I saw your gesture, you were in torture, No need to worry. Just because I speak don’t mean you have to respond in a hurry. Just acknowledge that I’m speaking and then carry on. Go baby boo do your thing you’re the man.  Just know one thing if you continue to do this I won’t be here for very long.



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