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No we dont hate all of you, we do think most of you are the same! however, we do have hope that the next one of you we meet is better than the one before. can love us harder, treat us better, be there for us and can contribute to our mental and spiritual growth and of course make us come harder. So how did we arrive at the conclusion that all men are dogs? well its because you are, its your nature and nothing you say can change that. the nature of the male species is to ‘divide and conquer’ (LMAO) to defeat and ‘over cum’, to rule the world and piss on almost everything with a pair of breasts and a vagina between her legs! even tho we’ll love you, take care of you, rub your feet, make your dinner and shower you with blow jobs, nothing, and i mean NOTHING will stop you from getting it from another woman.

So dont feel no way when we lash out and talk back and accuse you of messing around, the one before you made a mess of us… we’re huge turds waiting to be scooped up and put to good use!

You’ve hurt some women so badly that they decide to ‘divide and conquer’ and even scoop up the turds youre dumping on the grass. why does this happen? because over and over one after the other its the same thing… the cycle that never ends! hey we get it, you may have been cut before. but our brains are telling us ‘hey he’s a man he can handle it’ yet we’ll still be gentle and patient with you. and maybe you’re afraid of it happening again and again. but fear not my friends!!! if you give, then you shall receive!!

What we want is your time, your love, your attention, commitment (if ur ready) communication and honesty, all of which we’ll give back in return…we understand some may give these things in their own unique way and possibly in ways we may not understand. we want for you to talk deep and walk deep… too many times before we’ve gotten the deep talks and shallow walks!  So you see my friends, some of us act the way we do because of how we were treated before, we are cautious kittens, some of us will pounce at you and some will hiss and show teeth as a warning…we don’t want to get wet… (well we do 🙂 we just dont want to get hurt!

Happy Holidays!!

You are the guy I wanna be my man, for now we are just friends and I quite understand.

Hooking up with you was my plan; until I found out she was yours,

So I have to say so long., and get on!

Boning you would have been fun my mind concur, by the dreams and fantasies I had of you way back  in December.

A dream doesn’t always come through if all you do is dream they say!!

You gotta dare and do…I wanna dare and jump your bones; however your girl is all I think about. The pain that will be echo on her face, when she finds out what you are all about and the fact that you can’t be trusted.

So as the season approaches I shake my head to get rid of my thoughts of you.

And just focus on wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (LOVE YAH)[♥][♥]

Diary Post- Dec 25, 2008

I never image that you could be the man you are today!

A person who lies just to get comfort or maybe steal just to feel gifted. Maybe you kill just to feel satisfied or maybe you are dishonest just to prove a point, Maybe you are just the person you are inside.


You say never ever let your heart be trouble. Why? so you can destroy what’s left!!

Never knew you were such a pig, Maybe a gentleman is not created but drawn!

Because you are such a jerk only crazy people will  think that i actually care about you! but wait actually i do….

If that makes me crazy what would that make you?

Needing air is inconsequential to how i am expected to do if i catch you doing you!! Hindering me from inflicting pain, knowing you cannot feel a thing gets me angry.

Just because you are You!!!! I will  leave and do me if that’s ok with you!!!………. WHAT? HUH? questions you asked…. go away you stupid boy and get a life my mind concur….  Just because your cute doesn’t make you Superman and Splendour….. huh huh!! I said it what you wanna do, box me like how you father use to abuse you….. i guess not you aint that skill plus my father was put on earth for that reason… yes to kill….!! don’t look so shock i am the father’s child and i mix not with the devil’s bride…..!!! Go on now go get running little bunion…. i can feel you sweating and that ain’t good for no man!!….

Fionalisa A. Marie Mothersill– A piece from my diary – Angry post Dec12, 2006.


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