In Communication, Organizational Communication - Assignment on March 20, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Hi fabellas,

Another week, another time. Yup.

Does your reputation matter to you, does what peple say affect you in anyway, or simply you don’t care as long as it does adversly affect your friends, family or love life. ??

Well organizations are either just like us or simply cannot afford to be let there reputation be bad. Thats why they hired people like me to represent them to make them look good to the public.

After all public relatons is still about building and maintaing relationships. Reputation management is a six step system.

According to readings gather from my lecturer Gerry Mcdonald:

Reputation is the totality of emotional and intellectual disposition

towards an organisation. Reputation and brand are not the same thing.

Broadly speaking, the brand relates to the experience an organisation

provides (to both customers and employees), and the emotional and rational

associations this evokes.

Reputation on the other hand derives from the assumptions, perceptions and

beliefs about what an organisation is, how it is run and what it stands


Why does reputation matter?

Ultimately, reputation underpins an organisation’s licence to operate.

In the broadest terms, a strong reputation has two main benefits:

1.A tool to build trust and create value among different stakeholder groups**

2.A reservoir of goodwill to draw upon when challenges and difficulties arise

The benefits of reputation research

Research can play a crucial role in managing reputation, and helping

organisations build better relationships with the people who matter to



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