In Favourites on March 25, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Hi fabellas,

I have recently decided that I’m too fat!… i know, I know, you think  I’m a girl hence the constant worry? but this is not a cry for attention actually its a plea with my buttocks to fit into some old jeans i have… so i decided that i need to lose 20lbs.

Did a little research and found myself with a protein shake and decided to take the plunge.  Also i am taking a colon cleanse to get me up to speed with getting all the burgers, cheesecake and Kentucky bad chicken out of my system.

Wish me luck and i will keep you posted if any weight is loss or if gain….

Weight loss is one of the most widely researched and tested areas of the health industry. From diets to exercise regimens, there are a plethora of methods to lose weight. In addition to losing weight, maintaining overall health and energy levels is another top priority in America’s dieting populace. Combining the two seems only natural–weight loss supplements with high concentrations of protein are prevalent in today’s market. To decide whether weight loss protein supplements are right for you, it’s important to understand how they work.

How Protein Weight Loss Supplements Work

  • Some of the most popular weight loss supplements are consumed as a milkshake-like drink. They provide a portion of the critical nutrients the body needs for daily functioning, and because the supplement shakes are liquid, trigger the feeling of fullness in the brain, which prompts you to stop eating. Therefore, these supplements help you to consume smaller portions at mealtimes. Some particularly exotic formulas may include ingredients such as acari berries, which increase the body’s metabolism efficiency.

    Protein’s Importance

  • It’s common for weight loss supplements to have high protein content. Protein is essential for all the body’s functions, especially tissue growth, but because less food is eaten during a diet there are lower amounts of protein going into the body. Keeping healthy protein levels gives you the energy to go throughout the day. According to the University of Georgetown, protein is also responsible for a healthy immune system (see References). A weakened immune system and any accompanying disease can dampen the willpower to stick to a weight loss plan.

Side Effects
  • Weight loss protein supplements can have side effects. Phentermine, a common weight loss medicine, can cause dizziness, sleeplessness and upset stomach. In addition, it can cause an overabundance of energy and changes in libido, according to drugs.com (see References). In severe cases, phentermine can affect heartbeat and circulation, breathing, and can cause addiction if used long-term. Similarly, supplements that use laxative ingredients can cause irritation of the digestive tract.


  • Weight loss protein supplements require a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to be effective, no matter how effective the supplement is advertised to be. According to weightlossforall.com, the average adult needs anywhere from 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day, depending on the level of activity (see References). Dieting will obviously lower this amount. As for exercise, 20 minutes of heavy cardiovascular training, as well as a brisk walk after meals, can prove effective. An hour of light to moderate exercise overall per day is necessary.


  • Because the weight loss industry is so widespread, a large number of manufacturers have attempted to cash in on the dieting and weight loss craze. Not all products will work as advertised. Be wary of weight loss protein supplements that are advertising to cause 10 lbs. of weight loss per week or a similar amount. The human body cannot safely lose that much weight in such a short time. Use your common sense and consult your doctor if you have any doubts about a particular supplement.


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