The study of organizational communication involves the intersection of two complex concepts – organization and communication. Both of these terms have been defined and approached in a variety of ways, and there is clearly no single “right” way of defining either.  There is however some agreements on critical facets of each of these concepts. Scholars such as  my professor Gerald McDonald would agree that an organization involves a social collectively or simple put (a group of people) in which activities are coordinated in order to achieve both an individual and collective goal.  By coordinating activities some degree of organizational structure is created to assist individuals in dealing with each in a small, medium or large organizational environment.
In regards to communication i hope we can agree that communication is process that is transactional.  {i.e.,  it involves two or more people interacting within an environment. … communication is also symbolic which means that communication transactions “stands for”  other things, at various levels pf abstraction}.
To therefore adequately study organizational communication,” then involves  understanding how the context of the organization influences communication processes and how the symbolic nature of communication differentiates it from other forms of organizational behaviour.
The study of organizational communication involves the intersection between organization context and the
communication process. Why do you communicate? I’m guessing to give commands, be heard, make propositions, was i right?? YUP!. I was right!….
 The Caribbean  can be regarded as the creature of the large formal organization. The sugar plantation was the dominant economic organization for a long time in the history of the Caribbean.
Organization are creatures of their environment. They reflect the values, beliefs, prejudice and biases of people who are their members. They reflect the world view of the people who are there founders, who depends on them for the economic welfare and maybe a place within the world.
In the Caribbean today the system today it can be seen as prevalent in regards to the structure of organization are business today.
Until next time…….

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