Mi a hot gal and mi nuh care, sey miss kitty when she deh pon air. Yuh nuh see she dem gal deh fi go du them hair. Mi nah see har when she say so but me know say she a pat har hair.

The critics she se cantankerous, mischievous and loud. To me she simply vibratious and she proud.

Mi like it…. lalalalalalalal rings her favourite quote in the air, she brawling yuh see, but then again who cares.

Miss kitty change the game with har two tone personality strategy, she lucky

She switches vernacular as easy as mi box down a  two piece Kentucky

She say she fluffy, some people say a fat she fat. She write new book, she can read? wah kind a question that?

Paula Ann porter is quite the opposite, labelled as the lady with the cucumber voice and laid back attitude. She listens to her audience and is never classified as rude.

 But she boring yuh see.  A nuh mi sey so a dem sey so.

Dem sey she guan like she nice and she cute, nuh want chat patois so put it pon mute.

Her command of the English language is exemplary

A wah do mi miss mus be contemporary.

Unlike miss kitty, Paula is a trained media personality,

That means she go school and graduate like all a wi

That nuh mean say she fi come pon radio and talk up the things.

Some a wi just wah know the latest happenings.


Two different presenters, two different style

Two different gal pickney, both quite versatile

Two different personalities and target audience too

In  media is not all about you. But all you can do is just be you.!!     ………………………………….END……………………………………………..

                                       INDEPENDENT WOMAN

Psstt psst

A mi him a call

Mi nuh need a man fi marry mi, fur suh mi marry miself

Mi is a woman mi self reliant mi got mi car, mi house and mi shoes and mi self sufficient

Bout him wan be mi baby father.

Like that all mi seek. Mi seek love, life, sex and enjoyment

And mi nuh need nuh man fi dweet.

Mi friend dem sey mi is a feminism, all because me mi say equality and the right to dream.

The last man mi deh wid say  mi controlling, argumentative and down right mean

but yuh wan see him now a gimmie bad eye                                                          

Just because mi nuh cave into his demands drop pon mi kness and beg please.

  A guess mi a guh be alone forever. just because mi is a strong woman.

Many will sey mi is a idiot mi fi galong and wrk wi the man.

Mi nuh need a man fi support mi that’s mi conclusion

suh wah mi a du wi him, if he’s the problem and not the solution

Him nah pay mi bills and him nuh affi teck care a mi

Him Just a mek  mi life messy , mi fi still deh wi him?, but you and him nuh easy.



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